Interpretation Centre of the Ancient Docks

Santander, the Bride of the Sea

In 2006 and 2007 during the extension of the Alfonso XIII car park, part of the ancient docks built in the 16th century were discovered, the Muelle de Anaos; from the 18th-19th century, the Muelle de Agustín Colosía; and from the 19th century, the Muelle La Ribera.

Part of these docks was relocated to the Parque de las Llamas and five metres of each of them can be admired at the Interpretation Centre of the Ancient Docks located on the first floor of the car park, but which is currently closed to the public.

This centre is a space where people can discover in detail the different historic stages that the city has had to experience. It is an educational journey that takes advantage of the stones of the ancient docks as a canvas and allows a journey to the past to be enjoyed.

We hope that the Interpretation Centre of the Ancient Docks will be able to open to the public very soon so that people can discover the city’s history in depth, along with the past of the Port of Santander.